social: November 2018

  • Thursday 1st November 2018
  • Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm
  • Venue: DINA, 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP

Maja talked about her current sound installation at Foodhall and her plans for future projects using recorded sound and open source software.

Maja’s recent low-tech productions that use sound, Take Me To Your Leader 2, and Tweety Pie (video work in progress) can be seen on her websites: and

We talked about soundscapes, active listening, human vs machine listening and the nature of sound as a medium. We thought about the relationship between meditation, super-attentiveness and sounds.

Amy updated us on an ecoacoustics project she has recently started working on in Leeds, involving natural sound recordings of pollinating insects.  She is now working in a group of ecologists who are interested in sound for many different purposes, including projects on species identity and abundance, and on human wellbeing in both everyday life and virtual reality.

How do we preserve biodiversity in the face of dramatic climate change? How do animals preserve themselves through audio mimicry?

Amy showed us the solo recorder – an open sound sound recorder for bioacoustics – powered by raspberry pi.

Deborah talked about her recent trip to New York to work on an immersive installation about women and witches, incorporating field recordings.  The installation explored themes of sexuality, mental health and disability.

We talked about systems and processes, and how to be a financial forecaster and an oil painter at the same time!

We explored our different backgrounds and how our identities interact with our lives in sound.