Sound Design Workshop: Expressing Witchcraft

SONA are excited to be partnering with Hannah de Ville and Alice Boyd to deliver a FREE sound design workshop exploring themes from renaissance witch plays.

*****Please note this workshop is open to all genders!*****

Location: DINA (NB. DINA has moved! The new address is: The White Building, Fitzalan Square, S1 2AZ)

Date: 9th September 2021

Time: 6-8pm

Registration: the workshop is free but please sign up using this doodle link

Equipment will be provided but if you have your own sound recorder or a laptop with some sound-editing software then please feel free to bring those along!

Hannah says:

Blame, wickedness, isolation, the devil, blood, hanging, plagues, spectacle, politics, religion and bewitched codpieces.

These are just a few things associated with the witch plays of the English Renaissance.

Full of spectacle and magic, witch plays were extremely popular when they were first performed, but now they’re rarely staged. Join Hannah de Ville and George Nichols as they explore how to reimagine these plays using sound.

This two-hour workshop will comprise of recording, editing and sharing your sound design inspired by scenes from The Late Lancashire Witches (1634) and The Witch of Edmonton (1621) as stimuli. You’ll work with our sound designer Alice Boyd ( to create your own sound scape and work out how the magic can be brought to life.

This forms part of a series of workshops all over the country that aims to develop a new witch play for the twenty-first century, written by Abi Zakarian and directed by George Nichols and Hannah de Ville.