social: October 2018

  • Thursday 4th October 2018
  • Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm
  • Venue: DINA, 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP

We did some organisation for the Unpeeled project – we’re on our way now and we had the first gig on 21st September with Ryoko Akama – her performance was absolutely incredible. If you missed it we’ve filmed it and will be publishing those films online later in the year.

We talked about potentially running some projects in Orkney next year.

Amy told us about an amazing gig she went to at Hop Hideout – Elt did a performance using vocal sounds and speech.

We talked about approaches to practice and then got onto volunteering opportunities for musicians who might get cabin fever during the day!

We had a really good discussion about creative blocks and how to get through it. Some ideas included keeping a list of things that you need in order to play, or setting reminders to help you (e.g. start early).  We also talked about setting yourself little challenges or experiments to get you started, and how to make progress towards change.