Unmaking Acoustics at AlgoMech 2017

Title: Unmaking acoustics

Makers: Amy Beeston, Lucy Cheesman, Deborah Egan

This installation has been made by SONA using a catalogue of recordings collected by  community members and visitors during makerspace sessions in the Connect the Dots Festival The Sea Around Us in 2016.  These primary recordings form the building blocks of a soundscape which is generated in response to live sounds contributed by visitors in the space.

The contributed sound triggers responses in two loudspeakers and four screens.  The central screen is a spectrogram illustrating the room sound captured at the microphone and the soundscape activated in response.  The room sound appears at the top of the image and the soundscape appears at the bottom.  These oscillate according to sound qualities.

This installation will be active in the Sheaf Exhibition Space – Hertha Ayrton STEM Centre within Sheffield Hallam University, on 11-12 November 10am-4pm.

Please refer to our printed programme (available in the main exhibition space) for a map.