social: April 2017

  • Thursday 6th April 2017
  • Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm
  • Venue: DINA Gallery & Cafe, 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP

Many thanks to Sara for proving this month’s writeup! She writes…

Here is the round up for April’s meet up.

  • We discussed the radio workshop which had taken place before the social. With the help of YSWN, SONA had organised a workshop with Sara Parker, titled The Art of Radio. Around 20 people had attended and they were treated to a talk from Sara who spoke about the art of producing, writing and editing documentary programmes for the radio. Sara is an award winning radio producer and reporter and the daughter of the Charles Parker, a renowned producer of Radio Ballads (these programmes describe the lives and experience of working people in their own words and music). The workshop participants also listened to an original radio ballad ‘The Big Hewer’ and heard discussion about a radio program about Tarpaulin made by Dina and Sara which is available on the iPlayer at the moment. The final part of the workshop was dedicated to the discussion of concepts for a radio feature, where the group shared their ideas with Sara.
  • We organised a date for a fundraising meeting (4th May, 10am – 2pm, venue TBC). We will divvy up possible grant applications before that date to see which ones need a constitution to discuss further at the meeting. All who’d like to help are welcome! To join, please get in touch via the email at the foot of the page.
  • No Bounds festival at Hope Works on 9/10th June. We will be leading a workshop on live coding, and working on a sound installation too (more details in due course).
  • We are hoping to release an annual review document (discussed at the last meet up). Ideas were shared about how best to go forward with it, with a number of members offering help. We are planning to include a sound aspect to this of course, and agreed that it should be a digital format on Soundcloud/Bandcamp.
  • We watched the draft video from Angela about the Catalyst festival, which looks amazing. It’s a proof copy that needs additional sound adding & credits, but it really shows off what has been achieved over the festival.
  • Amy shared a request for suggestions of sound artists, musicians, curators etc who use live sound in their work. She has a month to spend on her ‘Machine Listening in Artistic Contexts’ project in May, and is planning trips to various cities in the UK. Please send tips/suggestions her way, and try out her Sound in rooms survey too if you’re interested in helping figure out how we (and our art/tech works!) adapt to sounds heard in new spaces.
  • Gigs and opportunities –
    • 13th April – deadline for the call for proposals on the theme of ‘Unmaking’ for Algomech 2017 (8 – 12th November)
    • 22nd April, 7–9pm – Sara (See Pereria) is playing at Access Space Sheffield for Euler room #7
    • 23rd April – Xania is playing at the Mulberry Tavern Sheffield

For any further queries about these events please contact us by email on