social: March 2017

  • Thursday 2nd March 2017
  • Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm
  • Venue: DINA Gallery & Cafe, 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP

Many thanks to Deborah for proving this month’s writeup! She writes…

In the room; Xania, Joey, Emily, Maria, Laura, Amy, Sara and Deborah

After brief intros and updates on what everyone had been up to (more later in Events)…

Annual Review

We looked at the Sheffield annual review and were invited to add/comment on the good work that Lucy and Amy had done in compiling and writing the document, not least the compilation of those oh-so-important stats that justify our existence for those that live by such things! It was generally agreed that it was a great piece of timely work allowing us to reflect on the achievements of what seems like a short year.

We also discussed priorities for next year including an equipment library, homework club, and a programme of workshops and residencies. The breaking news is that the first of these workshops has been arranged and will take place on April 6th at DINA. Full details coming soon! But in brief, the subject will be Radio and participants are asked to come with a sound concept so that the workshop can look at content editorial. Tech and distribution to follow on another occasion… The three key elements of all culture assets!

1st Birthday Blast Off!

We celebrated the birthday anniversary of our first meet up obvs. (and yet again!) with cake which we all ate though no one can remember who blew out the candle! We reflected on a pretty filled year with many new female musicians met by whom we were in turn inspired. The workshop sessions particularly, supported by the meet-ups have been a genuine success and we are very grateful to our sponsors at Catalyst for making those possible.


We contributed to paper DE is authoring for SXSW and came up with a few  YSWN contributions; For in depth stats on representation we cited female:pressure as a source of useful statistics.

Some of the comments about the value of the sessions and Meet Ups

  • That the sessions are and have been, “safe, supportive and provided a means of connecting unavailable elsewhere”
  • That they were” invaluable “and “necessary”
  • That they have revealed “the amount of really talented women out there”
  • Despite being in different disciplines, ”all of us have the same interests”
  • Created the environment where you can “find courage in encouragement


Lots to mention for the month ahead!

International Women’s Day events at DINA

  • Benefit for Mums in Need at DINA 10th March with Kog and the Zongo Brigade
  • Comedy iEnnes – Bec Hill –  Sat 11th March  DINA
  • Sunday Assembly – The World According to Chella  11am – 1pm, 12th March
  • Pussy Hat Diners Club (pre-booking only) – 7pm – 10:30pm, 12th March
  • Reel Femmes – Feminist filmmakers present a programme of female directed shorts on the IWD
  • Theme of Protest launch 15th March DINA 7:30pm – Free.
  • Endless Love – 3hr all female Life Drawing Sessions with Cocktails – 7pm, 16th March


For any further queries about these events please contact us by email on