social: July 2016

– Thursday 7th July 2016
– Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm
– Venue: DINA Gallery & Cafe, 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP


The meeting started with playing and discussing Sara’s new EP BODIES released as See Pereria. Sara writes:

“I have a process led approach to making experimental electronica. I use Garageband and the preset loops as set parameters with the addition of my own vocals as a further instrument. These limits and boundaries allow me to really play and experiment with the software to create new sounds. Each track in the song is manipulated by being cut up, layered and/or looped. Songs are made with heavy emphasis on synths, beats, harmonies and repetition.

“I have recently released the second EP; a concept EP exploring sound and music as a metaphor for our existence. Titled BODIES the EP contains 3 tracks: Meiosis, Eupnea and La Petit Mort.


To hear the tracks and for more information see

You can read a review of BODIES here:

Sara also played the group one of her recent pieces involving call and response with a bird.


Deborah talked about the Future Bubblers project which is the new talent and discovery idea from Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music.  The project is sponsored by Arts Council England,  and has a focus on making in-roads into new areas, geographically and musically across England.  Pop into Dina to drop off demos and find out more.


The group discussed the possibility for a collaborative residency and performance/installation in Dina later in the year.  It was agreed to circulate potential dates and develop an online forum to discuss ideas and potential themes – to get involved contact


Next, Lucy talked to the group about her recent experiences playing her first live coding gigs under the moniker Heavy Lifting. Lucy writes:

“After the YSWN live coding workshop at the end of last year I was really keen to develop my practice and take on some live performances.  The workshop focussed on using the SuperCollider language, which is extremely powerful but also quite complicated.  After seeing a demo by Tidal developer Alex McLean I was inspired to give it a go, and Alex himself was kind enough to book my first gig at Algorave in Sheffield.

“I’ve never performed live without a drum kit in front of me so I was definitely apprehensive, but despite some unnecessary criticism of my equipment by an audience member (shout out to Alex for sticking up for me!) I felt the set went well and I really enjoyed myself.

“I’ve got an upcoming gig in the Millennium Gallery as part of Tramlines – Saturday 23rd July, 8.30pm and you can also check out my website at –


Next, Amy and Lucy updated the group on the Catalyst workshops – so far there has been one workshop Getting started with Arduino: Buiding a noise-maker which was attended by 7 women and received excellent feedback.  

Upcoming events are:


Finally Amy talked a little bit about her Sound in Mind project, and her new survey of sound awareness and listening habitsAmy writes:

“Sound in Mind is a multidisciplinary collective exploring education, health and wellbeing through sound. Our questionnaire aims to raise awareness of the impact that sound and music can have on our overall well-being. The survey was designed by myself and collaborator Kate Miguda after many rounds of discussion with our friends and families, after interviews with professional and amateur musicians, and with staff and members of the Sheffield Carers Centre. I’m very grateful for each one of those conversations, and am happy to have so many suggestions incorporated into the survey.

“Results from the survey will help us chose the next steps for the Sound in Mind project, so please give it a shot and share the Sound in Mind survey link with those who might be interested. I look forward to reporting developments of our first podcasts and online resource in due course…”


Thanks to Deborah and DINA for hosting us again this month!

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 4th August at Access Space at 6.30pm.  Please note the change of venue.