social: June 2016

– Thursday 2nd June 2016
– Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm
– Venue: DINA Gallery & Cafe, 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP
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There was no need for extended introductions this month, so we dived straight in to catching up on the last month’s activities!

First, Laura introduced her audio-visual installation which was presented 19th-20th May, upstairs in DINA. As well some discussion about making and presenting the work itself, we also touched on some other issues in regard to providing persistent online documentation of the work.

Laura writes: “The final assignment of my Advanced Digital Studio module for the Sonic Arts MA set about combining all the audio computing skills I had been learning over the past year during the course. I’d been studying audio coding, using PD and Supercollider for most of the course. However for my final assignment I wanted to create an audio visual piece, so I set about using Processing and Supercollider, communicating via OSC. The installation uses Processing to layer two contrasting videos, with added visual effects influenced by the audio of the videos which is interpreted using Supercollider. I chose to focus on gun crime and children in America, specifically focusing on the tragic death of Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy who was shot dead by the police who thought he was threatening passers by with a firearm when in fact he was playing with a toy gun.” Read more on Laura’s blog…

Next, Susanne reflected on how she uses sound in her work. She introduced a number of projects and talked more widely about her strategies for engaging with computing and performance. She writes:

“My life journey through sound has taken me from learning the piano, studying music theory, reading scores and wanting to buy a synthesizer as a teenager to using amplified sounds and voice in physical performance via experimental mixed media pieces, pathetic video soundtracking, singing in a band and live coding. I most recently collaborated with Alex McLean creating the live coding experiment “On-gaku” which brings together my digital performance actions and Alex’ live coding. We use a projection across my body as his only screen. A sensor attached to my performance platform switches off the screen every time I step off it. A blank screen makes live coding difficult, forcing Alex to acknowledge the human performer. By creating a loop of interference and interruptions “On-gaku” highlights the unstable balance between silicon and human digital activity.”

See/hear a recording of “On-gaku” from 01.05:

We also continued our discussions on sound art which had begun last month. Amy shared some links to exhibitions and artists she’d been inspired by, and Deborah gave us a tour of the rest of the building at DINA. What an amazing place!

Finally we wrapped up by letting each other know of upcoming events. In particular, Access Space is hosting an Algorave+friends gig on the 17th June, and Eulerroom#3 on the 21st June. Linda is also organising an evening of poetry and sound on the 24th June at Bank Street Arts. All welcome!

The next meet up will be Thursday 7th July.