social: April 2016

YSWN held a meetup in Sheffield on Thursday 7th April 2016 at DINA Venue & Gallery.

The group updated each other on recent work and upcoming events, including a gig Linda is promoting and performing in at Bank Street Arts on Thursday 21st April (see facebook for more details) and upcoming events at DINA and Access Space.

Amy presented a reflection on her recent workshops on machine listening and thoughts on the future direction of her work. She writes:

“Earlier this week I gave two workshops on “machine listening for music”. They were both pitched as beginner’s guides and I worked from the same set of software demos/introductions for each, but the conversation in each workshop actually varied quite a bit following the questions that participants asked. To help me reflect on the whole process and integrate what I learned by preparing and delivering these workshops, I decided to share my motivations and some longer-term thinking too with the Sheffield YSWN group tonight… Thank you to all for the interesting questions and helpful feedback!”

You can read more about Amy’s work on her website.

Many thanks to Deborah at DINA for letting us use the space.  The next meetup will be Thursday 5th May.